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An opportunity to fly in effortless floating freedom

Aquatic Bodywork is a profoundly energizing and therapeutic experience that reconnects the body to its liquid essence and deep relaxing state. It is performed with the help of floats and a practitioner, in a chemical-free 35ºC warm pool, using movement, massage and breath work techniques both above and beneath water.

A nurturing liquid dance journey into ourselves

It's about flowing and surrendering to the water. It’s a hypnotic road to that inner space where we allow ourselves to listen, a path to the subconscious and to our embryonic essence. When a body is suspended in warm water, it loses gravity, allowing lightness and fluidity to bring safe, warm and remembering feelings to the soul.

Offer some Good

Invite your friends for an unforgetable aquatic relaxation experience. Our beautifull vouchers can be sent directly to an address of your choice.

Liquid Zome

An aquatic bodywork haven

A sacred geometry octagonal zome, with an indoor 35ºC chemical-free round pool, specially built for aquatic bodywork. The liquid zome was born from the wish to give and host water practises in a purposely designed space and environment. It is part of an organic farm called A Casa da Mãe Joana, in Sintra, Portugal. Aquatic bodyworkers and professionals from around the world host their small retreats, private sessions and workshops with us. Check our events agenda or drop us a line, we are here to welcome you.


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What our friends say

Liquid Zome is a magic place that you can embrace, learn and enjoy  therapies with water.
The space is magic, you can feel at home there ... you can find a lot of good courses/workshops that teach you the path to this element.

A sacred temple of the waters.
A place to flow, to dive into our true essence, to transform into the best version of ourselves.

We free our body and mind. Movement happens when we close our eyes, in a confortable immersion. We let go. I feel it's possible to relax completely, to be weightless and to feel the signs in your body. It's also a synchronic moment with the person taking us on this journey. 

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